Undock Application

I finished my last contract delivering a Swift 3.1 application that features the use of CoreBluetooth, CoreData, and QR scanning via AVFoundation.

Guestbook Application

This is a natively developed application in Swift 2.3, that features use of the Realm Framework for data management, NSURLSessions, AirWatch SDK, UICollectionViews, and many custom UI enhancements.

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About Me

I am a results-driven and motivated iOS developer that has a well rounded background in software development. My previous focus as a back-end java developer, led me to my true passion: iOS development. Creating APIs and database interactions are essential, but after working with mobile app development, I wanted more.

I found everything I was looking for once I started developing in XCode. Complementing well organized data management, with a visually enticing user experience; reinvigorated my love for app development. I am looking to create and optimize cutting-edge applications, that reach large consumer bases.